Hania Aitken
Personal Trainer and Outdoor Instructor

When you first meet Hania, you'd be forgiven to think she's always been a powerhouse active woman. She's into almost everything. From obstacle course racing, running, rock climbing to white water rafting and adventure racing (just to name a few). Living in the central North Island at the Blue Mountain Adventure Centre in Raurimu, Hania embodies her own feelings of celebrating her body, exactly how it is. 

She calls fitness her life saver, both physically and mentally. As a Mum of 4 children, aged between 5 and 11, Hania had an ah-ha moment when her second child turned 4. He was talking about going biking and on adventures, but that he'd have to go with Dad because Mum couldn't ride a bike or do hard stuff like that. From this moment on, she knew she had a responsibility to show her children that women, Mum's and girls, could do anything. So she set herself a running goal and got into it. Never easy at first, but she discovered her strength again. It was this self empowerment that has led her to desperately share with other women that they too, are amazing! 

After knocking off her first half marathon, Hania felt an inner fire bubble up. A competitive spirit and desire to push herself that she didn't know she had. Out of this process and over time, she became a qualified personal trainer, and her biz Powerful Peach Fitness is targeted at helping other women find their strength and confidence. You'll find Hania in various small towns around the Central Plateau inspiring women to show up as their whole selves, perfect and motivated to move. 

Hania loves adventure. Mud Runs, Adventure Racing, or Obstacle Course Racing, are now par for the course in her life. If you ever need a team mate, feel free to give her a call!

Far from the days when just picking up her kids made her pee a little (relatable Mum moment right?), she knows her strength isn't just physical, it's mental too. It's amazing what we can learn about ourselves just by saying “yes” to moving more. 

More recently, Hania decided to embrace her hair going grey. For her, it was about putting her money where her mouth was, and a natural next step in fully embracing her whole self, and not hiding anything. She hopes this inspires other women to feel seen, to defy the 'anti-ageing' beauty standards society feeds women, and to let other women know that they too are enough, exactly as they are. 

You can find out more about Hania and her epic adventures on Instagram, or follow her at Powerful Peach Fitness here