About Us

Zeenya (said Zeen-yah) is Brazilian slang added to the end of friends names.

Thanks for being a friend of Zeenya.

Activewear for all women to be their bright, bold and adventurous selves.

‘Cos here’s the thing right… Fitness, like our bodies, is different for each of us.

We don’t believe in a world where women have to strive to be a certain weight or body type to be happy and well. 

Friends of Zeenya give the middle finger to body restrictions and limiting beliefs around what women should or shouldn't wear. We’re sick and tired of being told that our size, what we wear and how we show ourselves to the world defines our worth.

Our philosophy? If you love it, wear it. If it feels good, do it.

Sharing the joy of movement, colour & connection

Zeenya Clothing was founded in 2014 after visiting the vibrant and body-confident Brazil. Experiencing the technicolour, joy for life and women moving in ways that felt good for them was an awakening.

Head of Colour, Chloe Wickman (Co-Founder and Owner) has been through her own transformation when it comes to wearing colour. Having gone from believing wearing black workout gear was “a funeral for her fat” to embracing colour and what her body can do (rather than what it looks like). Chloe’s on a mission to inspire women around the world to ditch the black and wear the joy, and create a space in the fitness industry where every body and any body is celebrated.

Here at Zeenya? It’s less about the way you look and more about the way you feel and acknowledging how your body is capable of great things. Our community of colour lovin’ women is one of the most vibrant to be part of.
We’re talking good humans who are welcoming, inclusive and supportive.
We love our fans more than we thought it was humanly possible. Sounds kinda mushy right?
Well, it’s true. These women make our hearts sing and fill us with technicolour fuzzies every damn day.

Activewear designed for comfort & performance

If you’re like us, you love a good adventure. Whether that’s walking the dog, getting out on your local trails, conquering a swim, bike, run or simply chilling on the couch with your fav vino - we have the perfect gear for you.

Made right here in New Zealand, our Core Range of Zeenya leggings, crops and tops are designed with Kiwi women in mind. Fab for walking, running, yoga, pilates, gym workouts, group fitness and dance. Our Zeenya community have also been spotted rocking the shorts and crops as swimwear in the summer.

Our Sport Range manufacturing is currently moving from Brazil to New Zealand. Created with performance at the forefront of the designs - running leggings, capri and shorts, all with life changing pockets. And for a totally different look, our sport skirts (skorts) will bring a splash of colour with flow and movement (without accidentally flashing your booty).

Limited edition prints

When we say once our prints they’re gone… they ain’t coming back - because our technicolor designs are consciously limited edition. So when you see your size in a print you’re swooning over, make sure you get in quickly before someone else nabs your fav.

Show me the prints

Feel-good fabrics

Biodegradable fabrics? You betcha. Our range of leggings, skirts, crops and quick-dry tops are made from a world-leading textile called Amni Sol Eco®. It's the first fabric of its kind made specifically for activewear and produced in Brazil. 

It’s insanely soft, moves with your body, quick-drying, UVA/UVB protectant of 50+, antibacterial and odor-minimising. 

And our cosy oversize style sweatshirts, cotton tees and singlets? Next-level good for walking the dog, wearing during warm-ups, throwing on after a workout or taking you effortlessly from the cafe to the comfort of your couch.

four women, bright activewear, renew collection

Inspired by movement, colour & connection
& driven by values

Here for the adventures, technicolour and friendships.  But you can bet ya last pair of clean leggings that we’re driven by values that guide us to take care of our two homes we’ll have for life - our body and our planet.

For us, colour isn’t just a side dish, it’s the main event. Because colour has the power to brighten our moods, motivate us to get moving and add some serious YAY to our day.

Perhaps you’re wondering why we release a new collection every other month or so. The answer? Is simple. Releasing smaller activewear collections means that we waste less material. We can test the waters with a print and if it’s popular, we can explore similar sister-prints down the track.

Knowing where Zeenya’s clothing is made and the people who make ‘em is incredibly important to us. We’re damn proud that we can hand-on-technicolour heart assure you that we know everyone in our production line, they’re paid a living wage and no worker is taken advantage of to sew our activewear. 

Our business is based on these values and we won’t compromise on this, ever.


It lights us up when we see you embracing life in colour - so go on, tag us in your Zeenya photos! 

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