Yoga pants, schmoga pants

Leggings? Just do it

We're loving how much attention people are getting at the moment for wearing their Activewear in public. Obviously, because we do sell activewear (shock! horror!). And it goes both ways, there are those of us who love it for a million reasons, and those out there that believe unless you're actually doing exercise then it's not ok.

Katie Kenny recently had a blog published on NZ website Stuff about how her yoga pants had never been to yoga. And you know what we say? Hear hear! Let's embrace it. We're all about the comfort.

Both of us are guilty of wearing our leggings out shopping, to coffee, to the office and of course being active. And we're proud to say we will continue to do so!

So where does the line blur? When you've been active and then grab a coffee? The beautiful thing is that either way others don't know. Unless you're still red in the face from the run...

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