Workouts and Rehab with Eve Southan

Eve Southan started out as a super fan of ours. Now she's an Ambassador repping colour and fun in the Wellington region with her company, Life in Motion. We've been giving her Facebook Life HIIT classes a go on Friday mornings, proving to be hard work with lots of laughs. So we decided to have a chat with her about what's new in her world at the moment. 


Give us a bit of an Eve update - what’s been happening for you recently? Where are you as you write this? Who are you with?
I have started the year off with a return to teaching 9 outdoor group fitness sessions a week. Totally loving the sunny weather in Wellington this summer! Life In Motion has a team in the Wellington Round the Bays in February so I have been focusing on some Sunday group runs and helping the team out with their training plans. I have a new 6 week strength block coming up which is exciting, a bit of a change to the HIIT style workouts and I am looking forward to increasing my group fitness offering. Right now I am in my usual Friday night place, my day off from teaching it’s a family movie night at our house, curled up on the couch.

What new ideas are you pondering on?
I am currently working on a plan to make an at home training space. We have a double garage
that we are going to clear out to make way for a gym space where I can take personal training sessions, small group sessions and film my workouts. I am looking forward to having a base I can have clients come to and somewhere I can focus on building my online content.

What does 2018 hold for you?
Lots of running for fun! Plus a few events like the Xterra races and I am looking forward to redoing the WUU2K in Wellington in July, The 62km trail run around the hills of Wellington is an amazing event. I have a goal of getting a minimum of 3 Life In Motion teams in the event. The teams will have 3 people in them with each team member running about 20km. I am also looking forward to working with the Life In Motion community with more free events, live online workouts and growing my weekly classes.

How are you overcoming your biggest challenge at the moment?
My biggest physical challenge at the moment is recovering from a trail fall just before Christmas. It’s taking a little longer than I would like and I am not very good at slowing down! I’m also in the middle of planning for the year ahead, which is always exciting and challenging, I have lots of note pads around the house to capture my ideas so I don’t forget anything.

What are you most grateful for in this moment?
My awesome little family, supporting me in all my crazy adventures and without them there would be no Life In Motion. I’m grateful for the amazing community I have and the opportunity I have to work with such beautiful people. I’m also grateful for good health (besides a slightly dodgy leg at the moment), being able to climb mountains, run and teach.

Being part of the Zeenya community since last year has been wonderful, such a vibrant group of woman all doing amazing things. I love the support and encouragement and of course all the beautiful tights! I have it on my plan to make one of their Epic Events this year, a road trip up the country, yuss!

Join us this Friday morning for a HIIT Class (High Intensity Interval Training) here 

Check out the Life in Motion Website and get involved! 

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