Word to the Women

Celebrate yo' Day!

This International Women's Day falls mid-week. Which means most of us won't stop for more than a few moments to acknowledge it and then we'll power on through the day getting the million and one things done that we do every day.

So ladies here are five quick things we can do to commemorate the day in our own way,
- Make a cuppa / pour a glass of wine and be grateful for being a woman
- Whilst drinking, take a moment and remember one important woman in our lives
- If you have time and ability to call that woman, do it. Or light a candle for her (it's like galentines day and we should tell the women that we love how we feel)
- Put on your favourite shoes and wear them in the house (there's nothing like wearing heels or sexy shoes or trainers with Pj's because you can and we shouldn't not wear something we love)
-Laugh (just cuz it feels good to be alive)

Here at Zeenya we get to meet epic women every day. From the quiet to the loud, the tall and the short, the curvy and thin, the athletic to the wine drinkers (don't worry you can be both), to the inspiring and the inspired.

We love that we get to share our journey with you and so thank you for being your real, unapologetic selves.

Happy International Women's Day – Here's to Strong Women, May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. And because we can, here's to the Strong Men that love and accept them.

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