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Consider this your Wintervention. Your winter intervention. Officially, today, right now, are the first days of Winter. If you're living in NZ, you know that this means that any kind of weather can hit you in a moments notice. You've got to live prepared. There's nothing quite like an icy blast from Antarctica to leave you tucked up and in denial about your exercise goals.

Here's our top 5 tips for beating the winter blues and maintaining your health and well-being over the colder months.

1. Set realistic goals. For me, saying to myself I'm going running outside everyday is unrealistic. Instead, I aim to get outside every day, for a walk or run or even a bit of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Keeping it simple allows me to take what can feel like an endless oppression of cold into bite sized pieces.

2. Do it with friends. There are some awesome social sports over winter held indoors. The majority of clubs seem to run local competitions where you can grab friends, or join an individual sport (like Squash) and get a great run around all while having a laugh. Grab a furry friend who needs daily walks - dogs are a great reason to rug up and get outside.

3. Layer up. We know if we start moving we'll eventually warm up, so make sure you're toasty and warm when you start out. I love scarfs and warm hats which can be tucked into pockets as you go along and warm up.

4. Keep an eye on your food. It's so tempting in winter to load up on heavy comfort foods. Lots of these meals are often higher in energy so look for alternatives. I've recently discovered Cauliflower mash - a tasty alternative to having spuds with all my meals. And as they come into season, they're just getting cheaper at the supermarket. Not overloading our bodies with heavy foods makes us feel less lethargic.

5. Explore. Inject something new into your regular routine. New music to dance to in the kitchen, walking with poles to warm up those arms for the ski season, or dive into local events (like Epic Yoga... just saying). Find places near you that you've always wanted to go and just go do them! Having plans to look forward to helps us future focused and positive.

Need some extra help in working with these tips? We have some amazingly talented friends here at Zeenya (a few links below) who can help you with your motivation and keep you on track.

Right now I'm off to plant some Cauliflower...

Real Health NZ - Online Exercise Room, they're having a Winter Wellness Challenge starting on the 1st of July. Check their website for more details.

Gold Diggers NZ - Epic Goal Setting on the next level with Bridget. Her next block intake for personal coaching in any area of your life starts soon. More details here.

Cauliflower Mash - This recipe for you here.

Epic Yoga - Join us and Nix from Real You for a hike in the Waitakere's to an epic location where we will do an outdoor yoga class. More information and sign up is here

Chloe with other people's dogs, Annie and Meg

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