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Escape Collection flying out the door!

Have you grabbed your piece of Escape yet? We are overwhelmed with the response from our fans to this collection.  We knew we had picked some awesome prints but we were stoked to be selling out of certain sizes less than a week after launching!!

Our Escape Core range is our second collection to be made right here in NZ.  Five new prints including a black and white (not so Zeenya-esque) mandala print.  If you are a true Zeenya fan you will want to take your felt pens and colour it in this print like one of those mindful colouring books.

We launched our Escape Sport range 2 weeks later, this Brazilian made collection includes 4 new prints, a new exciting fabric (reflective) and our newest product to the market; the Running Short.  

The Running Short has been designed in conjunction with our fans who love the Running Leggings, we launched these exactly a year ago and almost straight away were asked; can we do shorts with pockets?  So we have a delivered, with a zip pocket on the waistband for keys or a card, compression waistband to hold it all in place, and a side pocket for even the most giant phone these are a must grab item for those runners out there.  

Being a test product we welcome your feedback, so far they are absolutely flying out the door, and as we are writing this we have completely sold out of Smalls and Medium and we are almost all out of size Large in all 3 prints (XS and XL still available).  Sorry if you missed out on your size this time but I think this means Runnings Shorts will be a regular feature in future collections.

Thank you for supporting us in this journey, and encouraging us to launch new products, keep the feedback, tagging and shout-outs coming, we love seeing you out there wearing colour.  Meanwhile we will be bringing forward ordering new prints as these ones are selling so fast! Bring on our Summer launch.

Sarah & Chloe

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