We're becoming 100% NZ Made

We're incredibly excited to become 100% NZ Made

It's been a hectic couple of months here at Zeenya HQ but we're delighted to announce we're moving all our manufacturing onshore. Throwback to 2014, we started our production being 100% Brazilian Made, in 2018 we moved the production of our Core Range here and now we've found an awesome manufacturer to help bring our Sport Range home too.  Years ago we had the dream that if Zeenya got big enough, we’d be in the position to employ migrant and refugee women here in New Zealand.  So when the opportunity arose to work with Nisa in Wellington, it was a cosmic alignment moment *cue angelic voices singing*. Nisa’s values align right alongside ours. We all deeply care about the people we work with, and want to leave a legacy of empowered women in New Zealand.

Moving our manufacturing to New Zealand will allow us to be more flexible in making our production as and when we need it, as well as support our local ecomony more.  Shifting here means we have the ability to reduce our enviromental impact and reduce textile waste. 

The team from Nisa pay their staff a living NZ wage which makes a huge difference for these women. 

Together with the team from Nisa, we've been working to improve the fit of our clothing. We're sadly having to say goodbye to the zip pocket on our running range, but we're confident that you'll love the new fit. Don't worry, the two side pockets on these styles will remain! 

We always say Zeenya is built on movement, colour, and connection. And while we’re a small team, we work with lots of other cool New Zealand businesses to help make our online company a success. Business is never conducted in isolation, it’s always a team, even if the team isn’t in-house. We’re super excited to have the opportunity to work with Nisa to deliver our technicolour activewear dreams.

If you have any questions about this shift, please contact Head of Colour, Chloe Wickman, on hello@zeenya.co.nz 

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