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Ugly Footed Cinderella

I was going to start with saying it's been a while since I've written. But then Hannah Wells one upped me and wrote on her blog for the first time in a year. We'll let her have this one, seen as she had a very successful Wanaka Half Ironman event, retaining her title two years in a row.

It's been a crazy few months for us here at Zeenya, Sarah got a new day job, I quit my job, jumped into my next decade and have now signed up for my first adventure race. I was told by a friend that your body starts to give up on you when you turn 30, so now I'm determined to destroy that myth and prove him wrong. Thanks David.

We kicked off our events this year with the Mount Festival of Multisport, where Sarah competed in a team who came fifth overall resulting in 2nd place in the Mixed Teams, and I did nothing feeling completely lazy. But I had a great time drinking coffee and meeting all the supporters of those athletes out doing the hard work on the day. I learnt that I REALLY hate the wind, and also how much fun it was to collaborate on stands with others. Thanks Jo from Ama Balm, it was a fun day!

With the collaboration in mind, Jo joined us again at Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo at the Wairakei Resort for four days of yoga, music and hugs. Those of you who know me, know I'm not great with personal space and hugging strangers so I was well out of my depth but I did get over the handshake by the end of the weekend. So used to a business/corporate world, not a yoga world! Maybe we need more hugs in business... there are definitely businesses out there doing this so maybe we should just... wait for it... embrace it. Wanderlust was an epic experience for me, to really meet people who love our product and care about our story was really inspiring. They were huge days but the energy of the people around us keep me going. A special thank you to Jo, Ana and Camila who helped Sarah and I on our stand over the weekend. You women really are the essence of embracing life through colour.

So after my near-yoga experience I was left wondering. Can our business really make a difference to others? We met so many people doing good things and paying it forward that I was left wanting to do more. More for our community and more for our planet. I was so proud that our latest range are biodegradable and that we work with a husband and wife company from Brazil. It was so fantastic to be able to share our story with so many interested people. So watch this space as we explore more of what Zeenya can be.

My favourite part of Wanderlust was asking people what they've got out of their day so far. So based on this feedback, I'm drinking less coffee (and where possible none before 10am, Circadian Rhythm and all that), trying to do more for myself and to listen more. My doing something for myself quite often comes back to exercise and I'm really excited to be doing the Spirited Women Challenge at the start of April with three other amazing chic's (Stacey, Hannah and Georgina).

So watch this space as the runner expands into the realms of Stand Up Paddleboarding and Mountain Biking.

Photo credit to Perspectives Photo + Cinema from Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo. Students doing Stand Up Paddle Yoga with teacher Tim Seutter (Whangarei). Student wears Seriea Full Length Zeenya Leggings.

Ugly Footed Cinderella is a co-owner of Zeenya Clothing, follow @uglyfootedcinderlla on Instagram.

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