Those are some colourful leggings...

Post contributor: Ugly Footed Cinderella

Ok, I'll admit it. I was 'one of them'. One of those folks who used to smile politely and compliment other women wearing bright exercise wear all the while thinking I'd never wear it myself. Staunch in my black leggings thinking that when I ran I wore black because it was a funeral for my fat. Shifting to colour wasn't easy. It started out with a simple blue stripe on a waistband, moved on to compression tights with bright pink stitching and even when in Brazil, only managed a light grey pair.

I'll never forget the first day I actually wore a full coloured pair. I felt like my legs were traffic lights and everyone was staring at them. I quickly realised that my legs were about to receive a permanent makeover. Not only did I feel amazing in my new print, it gave me a point of difference and opportunity to express myself. Slowly, slowly I've inched away from the funeral to the celebration of my body, for exactly how it is in the moment I put on my leggings. I honestly can't even remember the last time my black leggings made it out of the draw. It might be time to donate them to someone who isn't quite ready to embrace the colour (yet).

So having embraced the colour, what's next I hear you ask? World domination? Hopefully. But more likely it'll be a growing addiction to new colours and patterns. Or any excuse to wear them. I used to joke about tights not being pants, until my legs got too muscly to fit my jeans over my calves. Then karma laughed at me and was basically like "you have to wear tights now, sucks to be you who said you wouldn't go there" *swallows her words*. Insert sheepish face emoji.

It's funny how we look at life through a view without wanting to change our habits, our appearance or our attitude at times. I know by changing my attitude towards exercise leggings I've opened up a huge world of opportunity, not only to love my body for what it is, but to also be part of a company that encourages Kiwi women to do the same.

Adventures are key for me and I've got a few on the cards coming up - can't wait to keep writing and sharing my experiences with you.

Ugly Footed Cinderella a writing alias for Chloe Wickman and is a contributor to our blog, her motto is proof that a pair of (running) shoes can change your life.

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