The Ultimate Active Gift Guide

We've got your Christmas solutions

At a time of year when things can become overwhelming - we want to make it easy as possible for shopping for the active women in your life. Or if your significant other needs some help - just send them this link! 

If this is your first time you've read about Zeenya - welcome! Here's a couple of things you need to know about our activewear 

  • we're NZ owned and our product is made in Brazil, and our workers are paid living wages, so no sweatshop labour 
  • all our prints are limited edition, once they're gone we bring something new into the country, so you'll get a print as unique as your loved one
  • for those of you thinking about the life-cycle of your clothing - our fabric is biodegradable and will break down with minimal impact on the environment. 

For all orders in December, we're offering a longer exchange period, so if the fit or print isn't right just let us know by the 10th of January and we'll sort out any changes needed. 

The last day for orders online (outside of gift vouchers) is Thursday the 21st of December for a Saturday delivery. If you don't want to risk it, we suggest ordering Wednesday the 20th to be safe. 

We're now LayBuy approved which means you can order now and split the balance over six payments. And we ship the product to you straight away. That might help a little with the Christmas squeeze. 

Simply click on the images below for our top recommendations for each activity. If in doubt, visit our Print Page for all prints currently in stock.  

For the Runner

She loves to move, getting out and about, working up a sweat and feeling good. You know her. She's the runner. Either fair weather or any weather, these running leggings will be her dream gift. 

Fitted out with a side pocket for her phone, these 7/8th length leggings are super flattering. If she's a run then coffee kind of gal, the back zip pocket means she can take her keys and cards with her safe and secure. 

Click here to see the full range of Runners - 6 Prints Available 

Yogi's and Pilates Pupils

Whether she's a Bendy Wendy or a Core Queen, these ones are for her. 

High-waisted and with matching sets available, she will be right at home in these full length leggings. If she's a Bikram woman, you might like to try the shorts. 

Oh and save yourself a bit of coin this month as all crops are half price when you by leggings or shorts (Just use the code CROP50 before proceeding to the checkout). 

The Gym Junkie

Does she lift? Yeah she does. 

Her workout is tailored to her, so why shouldn't her activewear be? Our leggings pass the squat test and won't slip down for any awkward butt crack moments when she drops it low. 

For her we recommend our full range, if she takes her phone to the gym then go with the Runners, otherwise our full range of leggings and shorts will make her calves pop and her workout feel effortless. 

For the Queens of the Court

If there's a racquet involved she's there. Supreme hand-eye coordination and lightening fast feet. 

Launched just a couple of weeks ago are our new Sport Skirts and these are designed so she can rock the court and courtside with confidence. Plain black undershorts designed for extra comfort complimented with our unique prints in the overskirt give flow and movement to the tennis or squash court. 

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