The Latest Trends in Prints

Searching for the perfect prints

Sarah and I have spent many hours pondering the right prints to bring into New Zealand. This time around our supplier must have sent us over 100 prints to choose from, not an easy task at the best of times.

We search for inspiration all over the place and try and find out what's happening in world trends with prints to bring you the freshest looks. We all know NZ gets an influence from London and New York Fashion weeks and as they predict Spring/Summer Fashion for our winter, we are often delayed in getting their styles until our next season.

Recently we found this article written in October last year which highlighted some of the print trends for the Northern Hemisphere Spring/Summer. We're really excited to have just confirmed our next order and without giving too much away we can tell you we have prints coming in the following trends

- Abstract Floral Prints
- Tye It and Dye It
- Hidden Hawaiian Prints
- Illusion to the Eye Prints
- Wacky Abstract Prints (of course, it's Zeenya)

We can't wait to bring you our new range (no official arrival date yet). Check out our current range of prints and check back each Monday to check out the Print of the Week that's on sale.

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