The Good Moves Collaboration: Zeenya and Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation

Good Moves! Zeenya Clothing and PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation

Sarah (Left) with Emily and Lou from PINC & STEEL and Chloe

Ever since we started Zeenya Clothing, we've wanted our company to be more than kick-arse activewear. Not only did we want to ensure we do our best ethically when producing our clothing but we wanted a way to pay it forward and give back in other ways. 

Enter: The Good Moves Collaboration. A partnership opportunity where we dedicate one of the beautiful prints in our New Zealand Made Collection to a chosen charitable organisation, raising profile and funds for an epic cause. 

We are extremely delighted to announce PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation as our very first partnership for the Good Moves Collaboration. PINC & STEEL aims to help more people worldwide live as fully and actively as possible after a cancer diagnosis. In New Zealand, cancer rehabilitation receives no government funding. We all know the importance of being active and feeling good about ourselves. We felt a strong connection with PINC & STEEL and the work that they do training physiotherapists and occupational therapists to supportpeople throughout their cancer treatment, and provide specialised rehabilitation for years afterwards. They aim to give hope and build confidence in everyone they work with. 

Often as a result of cancer treatment people's understanding of their own physical abilities changes, with exercise generally been undersubscribed when it comes to their rehabilitation. But PINC & STEEL get it. They know that being part of a program with their worldwide team of trained specialists helps people feel back in control of their bodies. One of the great things we have learnt since starting this project is that this service exists at any time in a persons life after diagnosis. How amazing is that? 


PINC & STEEL Physiotherapists and Staff modelling the gorgeous Feroz print!

We have dedicated the gorgeous Feroz/Fierce print so that 10% of the sales for this print will go to them. Totally nailed the branding colours for them too if we do say so ourselves. We want to help PINC & STEEL in their goal of inspiring more people to go out, move, and be themselves after a cancer diagnosis. We hope that this print spreads joy, confidence and happiness. 

For more information about PINC & STEEL visit their website here

P.s. Feroz Print will be part of the Pre-sale starting on the 23rd of April. 

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