Tauranga Pop-up Shop!

Tauranga Winter Pop-up Details!

We love doing epic little Pop-up shops at Our Place in Tauranga. When they asked if we wanted to be part of their Artisan Series - happening every Fri/Sat in June, we just had to say yes! We'll be there 10am to 3pm Friday/Saturday the 26th and 27th of June. 

Our Place is a fun, quirky and delicious container mall full of artisan traders and food truck style restaurants. With shared spaces and live music it's a fantastic venue for our city. As a result of Covid-19 the Tauranga City Councillors are being forced to decide the future of Our Place as one of the project that could be dis-established during this economic downturn. If you're local and love this space, we ask that you take a couple of minutes to sign the petition to save Our Place from potential shut down. 

This space for us has been incredibly supportive, as an online shop it means we get to reach out and connect with our community in person. It would be sad to see this space go. 

But in the meantime we'll be making the most of the opportunity to listen to good tunes and eat all the delicious snacks. We would love for you to join us! In fact, bring the whole family and all your friends to simply hang out and support all the local artisans. 

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