Sport Range vs. Core NZ Made Range

What's the big diff?

We love to pride ourselves in mixing up our manufacturing locations between New Zealand and Brazil. It's meant we can proudly hand our NZ Made hat on half of our range, well, not actually a hat, we don't make those (yet) but we can put it on our clothing tags at the very least. 

One of our most common questions is what's the difference between the running capri or short and our usual capri and short. Straight up, 3 main things. 

1. Pockets. If it says "Running" in front of the description, it has 2 pockets. One for your phone and the other for keys/cards. 
2. The gusset. Erm, the what? The gusset. It's the diamond shaped piece of fabric that sits between your legs which gives you great comfort whilst running commando (if that's your thing). These are only in the Sport Range
3. Length. The running leggings get a little more technical with their length, more explanation in the table below 

Both ranges are excellent at preventing chaffing too.

So what does this mean for our Core NZ Made range? Are they still good for running? Heck yes! We've been running in those lengths since the company started and have zero worries. If you're heading out on a longer run - grab your backpack or belt to keep your essentials safe. 

Why would I choose one style over another? We recommend for yoga, or floor-inclusive workouts that you rock the Core NZ Made Range, because they don't have the lump of the back pocket to contend with during savasana. The Core range is also epic for all day wear, the waistbands aren't as firm as the running gear and are incredibly comfortable. We wear ours on road-trips, working from home, casual walks on the beach (phone free time), to coffee dates and relaxing on the coach with some Netflix or a good book. 

Lots of ladies have rocked the shorts and matching crops this summer as alternative swimwear. Those crops aren't going anywhere when playing in the surf! Our crops are headstand tested which means yogi's can play without worrying about the odd boob escape. 

Here's a wee table we prepared to help you with your choices. 

Style Fit Notes
Short Mid-thigh length, super soft waistband, NZ Made

Running Short Just above the knee length, pockets and firm waistband

Capri Mid-calf length, deliciously soft, NZ Made

Running Capri Just below the knee length, pockets and firm waistband

Full Length  Ankle length, soft waistband, NZ Made

Running Legging 7/8th length, pockets and firm waistband

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Or simply use the filters for Pockets or NZ Made on the shop page. 

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