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Not only is that how we describe Zeenya, but we think it's pretty fitting for the women who wear our clothing. And to those of you rocking our gear and living your best lives as they are in this moment we want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting us as we have courageously taken the step to move our production to New Zealand. Your kind words and excitement over this news has been phenomenal to us. We are extremely grateful. 

This past month we've danced together at yoga festivals, worked out in beautiful locations, raced around the countryside in Ohope and Whakatane all the while doing it in colour. For all the new Zeenya wearers this month, welcome to our amazing community. You're all remarkable women for embracing colour and getting your self-expression out in the open. We acknowledge that the journey to colour isn't always easy but we're sure you'll agree with us that it's totally worth. Have you stopped touching your legs yet? Or is the softness still new and unusual? While at times it might feel like it, you're not naked, you're wearing something as limited edition as yourself. 

Moving forward we can't wait to pick new prints for our next round of NZ Production, brand new runners and skirts are just days away and we know you'll love these prints as much as our previous ones. 

To share the love you've given us, we thought we'd share some back. Check out this awesome gallery of Zeenya wearing women and all they get up to in their activewear! And this is just a few from March!

If you want to be featured next month - simply use #zeenyaclothing and #embracinglifethroughcolour or tag us @zeenyaclothing on Instagram and Facebook! We LOVE seeing you out there doing your thing xx

Check out the full range of New Zealand Made Elements Range here:

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