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Meet Anna Ainsworth...

Anna Ainsworth here, from Anna Ainsworth Yoga, Meditation and More. As a self confessed Zeenya super fan and lover of life I'm excited to share a few of my own thoughts with you on embracing life through colour.

My birthday was yesterday and for me it's always a time of reflection and taking stock of where I am and where I want to be...this year is a little different, it's a real celebration! Over the last 12 months I have been on my own amazing journey towards self love and wellbeing. Through proper nutrition, exercise and a massive mind shift I have lost a huge amount of weight and along the way have made friends with my body (it turns out it's actually pretty good fun!). The numbers themselves don't matter as I think we can get hung up on them all too easy, what's important is the change in my outlook.

Previously I would hide away in dark clothing, hoping to blend seamlessly into the background and let life pass me by. Now that my mindset has shifted, fun patterns and bright colours reflect how I feel about myself and my life, fun, vibrant and even a little bit spicy! Whether I am practicing or teaching yoga, rocking out at the gym or out on an adventure in our beautiful Aotearoa, I'm out there to enjoy it and what I wear on the outside is a reflection of what I what I wish for us all...embracing not only the colour, but the joy, the fun and the adventure!

If I could put anything on a billboard it would say - You are so important and the world needs your particular brand of magic, let it shine!

Anna has been teaching yoga for a number of years, creating her own brand in 2015. She teaches predominantly in a Hatha Style of yoga but tailors it to the needs of the yogi's and the group. Working with her groups, she feels it's important that everyone feels success in their practice, so being open and adjusting accordingly keeps her classes welcoming. She's based in the Manuwatu, and holds classes in Palmerston North and Ashurst.
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