Saying No to Black Friday

We've all heard the drill, Black Friday is one of the biggest sale days of the year globally. A rush to grab bargains, get those wish list items and maybe splash out on something you didn't know you needed until you saw it. 

Here at Zeenya, we're say yeah, nah to Black Friday. Why? 

1. We're sure you've noticed, but we don't do black *flicks hair* 

2. We're into slow fashion, not mass consumption. 

We believe that the world doesn't need more items brought and sold, that the most sustainable thing you have in your wardrobe is what's already in it. Truth. 

This push for global sales is insane. Small businesses feel like they need to take part to stay relevant and to make sales. But we're standing strong on this one. It doesn't align with our values. We pride ourselves saying no to wardrobe seasonality, so there's never a wrong time to wear your leggings, except for maybe shorts in winter or longs in summer. But whatever floats your length boat on that. 

Big sales like this make people feel like they might miss out. This scarcity mindset makes triggers us to fear there's not enough for everyone, when in reality, there really is, if we're mindful about what we consume and purchase. We also know this sounds contradictory given that our collections sell out super fast, but they take a long time to plan and make so we're doing our best to meet demand. 

So this is us, saying no to Black Friday. Valuing the people that make our clothing, valuing small businesses and staying true to our own principles. 

From the bottom of our rainbow hearts, we thank you for your support of our little kiwi company. Your new pairs are helping us live our dreams of making New Zealand and the world, a little more colourful every day. 

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