Power Of Change - How To Spring Clean Your Life

Guest Blogger - Sofia Lockett

Spring is finally here. The days are getting warmer, the daffodils are blooming, and the lambs are frolicking in their paddocks… Do you have the same spring in your step? If not, it is time to shake off the winter slumber and start spring cleaning your life. 

How to declutter your life

Step one: make an action plan. There is a reason why so many successful people talk about setting goals. Goals allow us to divide otherwise daunting tasks into manageable, bite-size steps and they give our actions purpose. They also ensure that our precious time is used productively.
The simple act of writing everything down is known to relieve stress. “To-do” lists allow us to prioritise tasks and choose several activities to accomplish each day. Then, we get to cross off our achievements, sit back and enjoy all of those satisfying, feel-good vibes.

Spring clean your house

Stress is messy. Messy is stressful. Simply being surrounded by clutter can make your life feel cramped and disorganised. Fortunately, removing the physical evidence is a quick and easy way to break this disheartening cycle. A deep clean of your home is healthy, as you remove all the dust, dirt and grime that has built up over the cold, damp winter months. What’s more, it can be immensely satisfying, as you are actively making positive changes and you can immediately see that your efforts are paying off.

So, start scrubbing, sweeping, sorting and sprucing (dusting and vacuuming are also good too). Organise those cupboards and declutter your wardrobe. Throw out or donate anything that you no longer use or need. If you are feeling particularly inspired, go one step further and apply a fresh coat of paint or hang a new piece of art. 

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Spring clean your health

Of all of the advice about how to cleanse your life of negativity, several simple ways crop up repeatedly, irrespective of current trends or fads.

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and cut back on highly processed food - The benefits of a well-balanced diet are not to be underestimated! Consider choosing a new recipe to try each week, testing out new flavours and expanding your palate. This is not only fun but an opportunity to explore, learn and discover.
  • Drink plenty (of water) -  Our bodies are made up of around 60% water, so it makes sense that drinking plenty of it makes us look and feel great!
  • Exercise every day - Fitness is an important part of our health. Regular exercise has been shown to increase energy levels, productivity and improve mood. Find the time to go outside when possible – some fresh air will do wonders! Even a 10-minute walk around the block will help you feel refreshed and re-energised, and you can always build up from there. Yoga and tai chi are fantastic for increasing concentration while building strength and flexibility, while jumping on a trampoline is low impact and will help with balance and coordination. As part of your goal-setting, add a fitness plan so that you will soon be looking and feeling your absolute best. To help with motivation, choose exercises that you feel comfortable with and enjoy doing.

Spring clean your personal life

You are amazing! So cast away any negative thoughts along with that household dust. Here are a few techniques and changes to help you cleanse your life of negativity.

  • Think positive.
  • Take time to reflect. Look at all of the things you have accomplished and how far you have come.
  • Reconnect with old, valued friends.
  • Let go of regrets.
  • Appreciate the small things.
  • Make time to do something you love, whether it is painting, reading, spending quality time with family or taking a moment to watch the sun set.
  • Try something new. For example, enrol in some cooking classes, learn a new language or travel somewhere completely different.

Spring clean your professional life

Work is a common source of stress. Our desks can all too easily become covered in stacks of paper, and our emails can become backlogged. Suddenly, we have been working in the same job for years. Cleaning up your office and taking stock of where you are in your career are significant elements that cannot be disregarded when cleaning up your life. Ask yourself, are you where you want to be professionally? Where do you want your career to go from here?
As some extra motivation to help kick start cleansing your life, ponder the words of a wise, albeit unknown, person: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Sofia Lockett is a New Zealand based freelance writer, who loves writing about topics relating to
health and well-being. Sofia has written for various NZ and AU businesses such as
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