NY's Resolutions with a twist

Chloe Wickman

Let's stop wasting our lives on s#!t that doesn't matter

Resolutions give me the ick. Another sure-fire way for the diet and fitness industry to pray on our well-ingrained insecurities.  After years of punishing my body for not looking like what I was told it was supposed to, I've had enough. 

Enough weird diets. Enough shame. Enough self hatred. No more. 

People, there's got to be a better way.  I'm sure you're also tired of trying to control your body. I know it's something we can lean towards easily as a way for us to feel centered in our lives. Like when things around us (or within us) are feeling outrageous - focusing on our bodies can give us a feeling of being in charge. 

I'm pretty sure my body is tired of me doing this by now "gurl again? I'm tired of you talking schmack about me". 

So instead of buying into #newyearnewme I'm going to take some time to set some goals that set my soul alight.   

#1: Something audacious. Something that gets the heart pumping with anticipation.   

#2. Something that gives back to others - proximity brings connection so it'll be with a group or community I'm not typically part of.   

#3. A daily habit that adds to my life. Nothing focused on restriction. A habit that I can take part in as often as possible.  Like beach walks, meditation. And I don't have to hold myself to one in particular over the whole year either! Freedom baby.  

If you're like me, tired of focusing on what you don't like about yourself then let's do this together. Less time in front of the mirror being critical. More time doing things that feel good and light us up.   

Are you in? 

Authors Note: You can read more about finding resolutions that work for you on the FashioNZ Article here

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