New Year Sale - FAQ's

We definitely don't do sales like this often/never! After losing some key events with the NZ Lockdown we've gone a little crazy about moving some items from our range. 

Here's a few commonly asked questions 

1. If my product isn't the right fit can I exchange it? Yes, but only if we still have the item in stock in the correct size. It can also be exchanged for another print in the same style if it was included in the sale. You must contact us via email as soon as you receive the item to discuss options.

2. What's your refund policy? We're unable to offer refunds on sale items. A credit will be issued to you if we can't resolve any size issues. 

3. Where's my note? Sorry, we're going all cheap on these sale items and not sending our usual love notes with each order. 

4. How do I get the best fit and size? Check each product for size guide and any fit notes. See our extra product info here 

5. Is my order confirmed? Yes, unless we contact you otherwise to let you know if the item is no longer available. 

6. When will my order be shipped? With holiday dates in force, all orders will be shipped on the 5th of January 2021. 

7. My question isn't answered here, how do I contact you? Use the live web chat and be sure to leave your email address so we can get back to you ASAP. We won't be online the whole time as there are adventures to be had during this time. Hooray! 

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