New Product: Scoop crop

It's been a hot minute since we've updated our crop styles, and this year we've been working away on creating a new style. It's taken some serious back and forth, but we're so stoked to have stuck it out and proud to bring you our new Scoop Crop

A low rounded back, wide underbust band and the ability to pop your own inserts in has comfort right at the top of this crops priorities. 

We've so far launched it just in our beautiful Artist Collection prints, and already it's proving to be a hit! 

We've already worn ours to yoga, the gym and for swimming at the beach. But there's an added bonus we hadn't foreseen, for our ladies who use a prosthetic, it turns out these are pretty dandy for fit. Our friend Di has done a little video for you on how she wears it, it's fair to say she's pretty excited. 

In her words, it's firm, like a hug, not an uncomfortable squeeze! 

We'll be bringing out more Scoop Crops in our next NZ Made prints sometime in 2022, but for now you can see your best prints here. Sizes 8 to 18. 

Happy days! 

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