New Fabric! Feels so good!

New fabric with functional performance

Not only do our new range of prints look amazing they also feel amazing "like butter" one customer said to me. We source our fabric from Brazil as a nation they are recognised globally for their quality the Supplex® fabric. This fabric offer many functional qualities including; anti-bacterial, odour minimising, thermal control and are quick drying.

We are proud to say that the company producing the fabrics uses innovative and sustainable practices, a leader in the textile industry producing the world's first biodegradable nylon. Meaning if you were to compost the clothing (heaven forbid you retire them!), it would degrade quickly with minimal impact on the environment.

The leggings are designed for comfort as well as performance, the waistband sits high and can also be folded for two different looks. They move with your body and stretch to fit your shape. This fabric provides an element of compression to aid with muscle fatigue and recovery, it also maintains it's original fit and shape.

Seven new designs available, be seen in your favourite print now!

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