Making a plan for 2017

It's never too late

So most people reading this blog will read it before the end of January. Hi! Thanks for reading! I hope you feel good about taking time to read and be in the moment. For those of you who are reading this at a later date, awesome! Don't be fooled by the 1st of January 2017. It's never too late to start making healthy choices in our lifestyles.

I almost didn't write this blog as I felt it was too past the start of January for it to be considered under the 'motivational New Years list of acknowledgements' and I'd missed the boat. But then I reminded myself that in life it's never too late. Or as they say, better late than never. Insert last minute cliche.

Here I am considering the things I want to do better in 2017. Eat healthy, be active and laugh more. Seems like a pretty easy list considering where I think I'm at with the first two. We can always laugh more, and that's about finding humour in daily situations and giggling at the strangeness of life. But I'm also aware that sometimes I make poor choices in nutrition and life can get really busy so sometimes exercise doesn't take the priority it should.

So for people like me its encouraging to know that there is support and help out there in getting practical advice in this area. Before Christmas I caught up with Renee and Jenna from Real Health NZ, who are kicking butt with a New Zealand based Online Exercise Room. [Some of you might recognise Renee as our most recent model for our products added mid-December]. I really wanted to know more about what brought them together and what they're helping women to achieve through their network.

It turns out they're a lot like Sarah and I, their friendship grew through similar interests such as fitness, well-being and sport. And from there it grew into a business idea. Feeling frustrated with the image of good health costing financial investment and large amounts of time at the gym or out pounding the pavement, they realised the fitness industry had really taken over and it was time to get back to basics.

The main message behind their brand is moderation. About getting the balance between eating healthy and exercising well, and acknowledging that some days it just isn't going to happen. They have amazing online videos, and recipes that you really want to eat. And seriously its less than the price of a gym membership. You can do it in your own time and in the way that works best for you. No need to turn up to the same venue 3 to 5 times a week and pay for a generic training plan.

These women want you feeling happy, healthy and positive about creating balance in your life. They will go to great lengths to keep in touch with you, and have the skills and knowledge to create individual exercise/meal plans if you need the support with your goal.

We believe so much in what they do that we've partnered up with them offering all their members exclusive Zeenya discounts online. Because sometimes you need the new exercise gear to get you motivated and sometimes its the treat when you get that goal.

Honestly if you do nothing else for yourself today - go and check out their website
Think about how good you want to feel and start believing that the time is now.
Happy 2017 everyone. I hope your dreams become a reality and you find the humour in everyday.

Chloe a.k.a. Ugly Footed Cinderella

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