Let's talk about skirts

It's time for a throw down about sport skirts

A few years ago (2016) to be precise, we saw these amazing sport skirts when we were visiting clothing places in Brazil to get inspiration. Oh travel, remember that? I digress. We came across these super cute stretchy sport skirts with front pleats and undershorts. Immediately I knew this was something we should try and produce. 

I think we're up to our 3rd version of edits to our original design now, so after a couple of years of consistently having them in stock, we just can't keep them available. With the silicon leg grippers in the shorts, double pockets and a swish in the skirt, these beauties make their wearers smile. 

Ladies are wearing them for running, walking, tennis, squash and golf. 

And just for those of you who keep asking when they're back in stock? End of April ladies! If you want first dibs on the new patterns, be sure to join our mailing list here. All subscribers get advanced notice and access for when the collection is going live. 

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