Let's talk about butt pads

Image of the beautiful Kita Mean (NZ Drag Queen)

Hopefully, when you read this, you’ll be thinking what?! Butt pads? What the heck are they? If not, I’m sorry that you have as they’re one of the latest ways in which women are being encouraged to appear different to their natural body shape. 

Because, in case you’ve been living under a rock, at the moment, big booty's are “in”. Which is why there are companies out there selling Butt Enhancing Lifters and Fabric Pads, to help thee project thy booty. 

That’s right, for the low price of just $14.95 you too can wear the oddest looking pair of underwear you’ve ever seen. Side query, how hot must your skin feel in something like this? Don’t even go there with the sweat marks. Yeesh. 
Let’s be honest the only people we want to see wearing padding are our favourite drag queens. 
Did you see the video Jessica Quinn shared about pads being used in a fitness industry shoot? You can check that out here to see what we mean just in case this whole butt enhancement thing is still boggling your mind. 
All this to say, it’s a hard no from us, because you are already a work of art. No enhancements or fillers needed. 
What we want you to know, is if one of our models rocks a booty? It's hers. If she has a hourglass figure? It's hers. Rocks the pear shape? It's hers. 
You'll never see us change the way someone's shape looks, because the most important thing we can be as women is ourselves. Which means being proud to show off the parts of ourselves that we love as well as the parts that society (or our partner, father, mother, friend… etc, you get it) have told us isn't as 'desirable' or needs 'working on'.
Our normal female bodies with all their strength, capability and beauty deserve to be celebrated. 
So that’s what you’ll find here at Zeenya.  A celebration. No deception required. 

Some cheap butt pads as examples.

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