Kitty and Cougars Throwdown - Competition starts soon

If words like WOD, Box and Double Under mean nothing to you then you might want to stop reading now. However, if you are into CrossFit then this post is for you.

Here at Zeenya, we're really stoked to see women out being active, kicking ass and taking names. Our friends at CrossFit Horowhenua are hosting an international online competition for women called the Kitty and Cougar Throwdown. The idea is that you team up with a mate, add your ages together then divide it by two to determine your competition age group.

The really cool thing is this competition doesn't require you to turn up for your first competition in front of heaps of people to enter. Designed by the WOD Father, Darren Mills, posts three workouts and both you and your partner complete them, entering your results online when you're done. All you have to do is suck it up, do the workout and get someone from your Box to be your observer. Three workouts over three weeks. Boom. Done like a dinner. We know you've got this.

The competition starts on the 5th of November and you have a week to complete the workout and post your score. So far 112 teams have entered with women from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Ages range from 16 to 68. So really there's no excuse!

Zeenya is sponsoring the Photo Competition for Best Team Outfit and we can't wait to see the images coming through of you and your mate totally killing it in your awesome get ups.

Entry is $25US for two people.

Register online here

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