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Zeenya Ambassador Applications are now closed - thanks to everyone who applied!

It's not the intention for this to sound like an online dating advert. But we are seeking women like long walks on the beach, who are always up for life's adventures and don't mind hanging out with those who are a bit unique.

All jokes aside, applications for Zeenya Ambassadors are now open. Read below carefully and you think that you'd like to connect with us in this way then we'd love to hear from you.

Here at Zeenya we are all about Embracing Life Through Colour and are looking for women who do the same.

Women who are positive. Women who are confident. Women who motivated. Who seek to follow their own journeys for the sake of themselves and the people around them. Who want to share their energy with others. And are unashamedly their flawed selves.

Here at Zeenya we live by three main values

- Positive

- Mindful

- Energetic

These frame everything we do. To us our Ambassadors aren't clothes hangers or people who work out to look good on Instagram. They're true leaders in their community. They stand up for what they believe in. They work hard to reach their goals, and are honest, real and true.

We want to hear from women of any age, who are lovers of colour, are community leaders and are passionate about health and fitness. They inspire others to create a better future for themselves and our planet.

We aren't just seeking athletes. It's not just about your sporting success, it's about sharing the story you tell in your own lives. So if you're hard out into creating a more conscious community around fashion, or you're a firm believer in positive self image or you might be involved in some kind of sport or community we've never heard from before, please apply!

Our goal is to create a community of Ambassadors that are as diverse as the country we live in.

As an Ambassador for Zeenya, sharing in our journey, there are plenty of benefits for you to take advantage of.

Applications are currently aimed at women living permanently in New Zealand, but overseas applications may also be considered.

Applications close on Friday 30th of June.

Please fill out the form linked
here to apply.

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