How do we pick our prints?

Have you ever wondered how we pick the prints that we choose? One day we will be big enough to do full runs of custom prints, but for now we choose directly from the fabric mill. 

Here's the rules we live by 

1. Choose separately from each other initially - Sarah loves so many prints and takes a long time to decide (classic Libra) and Chloe is more direct (most of the time). 

2. We then come together and make some finalists

3. Each person gets a save and a veto - if you love it you can save it, if you HATE it you can veto. As yet we've not had a save vs veto so we will cross that problem if we come to it. 

4. We then send our choices off to Brazil to be printed onto our eco-friendly fabric and eagerly await their arrival here in NZ. 

Here's a quick video of how a veto goes, Sarah really didn't like this one... 

We have some pretty intense discussions about our prints - are they bananas or are they flowers? 

And sometimes we just can't decide so we have to do the traditional coin flip. Blessed of course by an OM and good friend. 

Our next range of New Zealand made clothing will be coming in the next couple of months along with three new sport range prints for the runners and skirts. It'll take a while for the fabric to be printed, shipped, cut and sewn. Good things take time, no fast fashion here! 

We even have some really exciting new products in the pipeline! Oooooo can't tell you what they are yet though. Secret squirrel! 

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