Good Vibes Only

Some people have the ability to feel and read the energy of others, sensitive beings who can’t help but be influenced strongly by the presence and the emotions those people around them. Do you sometimes feel drained after spending time with a friend or colleague who is very negative?  Or on the other hand do you feel uplifted by a friend who just gives off the most positive of energy? If so, then you probably are one of these people. Recognising this, having a strong awareness of our personal energy and by surrounding ourselves with people who give us good vibes can really make a world of difference to our well-being.  Chloe and I have always been aware of this in our everyday lives, but realising that can have a huge impact in a business sense as well is something we are just discovering.

We like to set intentions or goals for our business which we then put out to the universe, with the hope that by doing this the universe will conspire with us to bring them to fruition. We are mindful that we need to believe things are going to work and happen for us, because if we don’t believe this then who will? How else can these goals possibly know how to manifest themselves without this setting of intention.

In saying this, things don’t always go to plan or as we intended and lately there have been a few hurdles to overcome; this has placed stress on us as individuals and as business partners. We want to share with you a bit about our recent journey. 

One such hurdle has been with our supplier in Brazil, who we have a strong relationship with, but unfortunately with our last order things still went wrong. This frustrated us, we were disappointed; we had worked so hard to develop this relationship and were so confident that there would be no issues, that we would not be let down. But we are all human beings, people make mistakes. Sadly, we received an order we were not happy with, it was not made as we had asked, there were design faults that had not been picked up before leaving Brazil and we were now left having to try and fix the mistakes. 

How do we move forward from this we asked ourselves, it was such a big setback! We wanted to continue to do business with this supplier that we knew and trusted. So we decided to set an intention, as we do in other areas of our lives. This time it was not on a personal level but a joint business intention.  Via Skype in both Portuguese and English we set intentions, the 4 of us; Myself, Chloe, our Supplier, our good friend and mindfulness teacher Ana. We raised the energy of our partnership and set ourselves up to do successful business together going forward.  

This may be an unconventional way to do business, but it is what we know and believe in. We all felt a sense of understanding of each other at that moment, we were clear on our direction and the collective intentions. Not only had we have cleared the air but we enhanced the energy of this business partnership.

It is all up to the Universe now. That and all the hard work we all put in to do this together. 

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” - Dalai Lama

- Sarah 

Chloe and I training in Rio, Leblon Beach

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