Go Run Girls - Oxfam Challenge

Here at Zeenya HQ, we're really stoked to have connections to so many epic female driven communities. One of those is Go Run Girls. Coach Maree won't be a stranger to many of you, you might have even read about her journey on our Inspiring Human blog or met her at one of many running events around New Zealand. When Maree reached out to see if we would support her team completing the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km Walk/Run event in Taranaki, we just had to say yes. They join hundreds of teams taking on this enormous challenge to fight global poverty. 

We caught up with the team as training is going along and to get to know them a little better. 

Coach Maree is the driving force behind Go Run Girls and is the official coach for this year's Oxfam Trailwalker 2021. As a keen ultramarathon runner and run coach, Maree understands the mental toughness and determination required to take on this epic challenge with her Go Run Girls team members. Her excitement for this event is tangible, nerves are on the back foot as this is her first time doing this as a team and she's really looking forward to a different dynamic. She knows that while the team don't often get the opportunity to train together, their prep is going well and March? Well, it's just around the corner. 


A dairy farmer from Eketahuna, Kat is motivated to give back through the Oxfam event and has a deep passion for running and stubbornness which will help keep the team moving forward through the night. Originally Kat started running as a way to escape an extremely nasty relationship, giving herself time and space but it quickly became a passion. She told us it's her determination and strong willpower she will bring to the team, even when there might be times that the body doesn't want to move, her mind is strong. Her nerves? They're about making sure everyone is still getting along once tiredness and sleep deprivation start to kick in. 


After completing the Oxfam event twice Jeanine is back for more! Her love of exploring our wonderful country makes this super long event an exciting prospect for this mum of 3. Living in Helensville, she brings the Camp Mother role to the team. She's well aware of the challenges the team might face, and like a true Mum, has back ups in place for all contingencies. Her training has consisted of running, walking, yoga and strength work with a few swims thrown in for good luck. We're really hoping you don't need your swimming skills for this event Jeanine! 


Living in Patumahoe, Laurie has only recently discovered her enjoyment of running and now loves the challenge of getting out on the trails. As part of her training she has even completed a half ironman, we think she is absolutely ready to take on the Oxfam challenge! She has spent hundreds of hours doing 'tail end Charlie' roles at events, seeing people at their darkest and at their most determined. She hope she doesn't have to use all those skills aquired from helping others across the line for her team, but in something this big, she's definitely going to be a handy woman to have on the team. 

The Go Run Girls team have been training for this event independently as they all live in different places, but with the guidance of Coach Maree they are well prepared and looking forward to nailing the team dynamics over the course of 100km. With a crew of husbands and friends supporting them on the day we can’t wait to see the team cross the finish line in their Zeenyas!

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