Glow Collection - shining your way soon

Pop this in your calendar!

Alright Zeenya friends, we need to give you a bit of an update. Promise to make it short and sweet. 

Our Glow Sport Range collection will now be launched to the public on Wednesday 22nd of Sept at 8am. Why? Well, we were hopeful that the final two boxes of stock that we're missing might have arrived by tomorrow. Sadly, this isn't going to be the case. 

In fact, it's pretty likely at this stage we will be missing one box of stock completely and while it's not zero, the chances of it actually turning up are very very slim. This does mean our usual range will be incomplete. We're so sorry but this is totally out of our control. 

Want first dibs? Be sure to join our mailing list for the sneak peak and early access. 

Glow NZ Made Range - so yeah, this was meant to be released this month, not the Sport Range but ya know, Covid. 

Our team now have the new gear cut and are getting underway with the sewing. We won't be doing our usual pre-sales for NZ range, but we will be doing Custom Made orders still. Pop the launch date into your calendar for Glow NZ Collection 27th October

Waiting on the Artist Collection? We're hoping to have an update soon, but this is going to be a late November/early December release. All prints will be available in Full Length NZ Made only and a matching crop. 

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