From Skeptic to Convert: The Evolution of Our Sport Skirts

The transformation of our Sport Skirts and what it means for you

So, we've been crafting our signature Sport Skirts for over five years now. And as the owner of this biz, I've got a confession to make. 

I've never really been a skirt gal. 

 That is until recently. 

Hand on heart, when we say our clothing is designed and tested by us to ensure fit and comfort, we really mean it. 

 And since we moved our Sport Range production to New Zealand, we've been testing like crazy. 

This includes the Sport Skirts. 

 And you know what? With all the improvements we've made, I think I'm a skirt convert now. I've got a couple of samples in my drawer, and I absolutely love the lightness and comfort they bring to my runs and walks.

The way they move just makes me smile. Even a strong breeze can't upset my flow. 

We've worked closely with one of our Ambassadors, Heather McDonald, to ensure they're fitted enough around the booty and thighs to withstand a Wellington zephyr and not pull a Marilyn Munroe on us. 

Collaborating with the team at Nisa, we've introduced a lush new stitch for our undershorts. This means we've created a zero-chafe zone for your inner thighs. Our leg grips have also received an upgrade. We've ditched the elasticated grip and gone for a heat-pressed silicon grip that stretches and moves more than the elastic.

"The new leg grips are great and barely feel like they're there." - Helen M.

These grips, combined with the new stitching, have eliminated the bulk from the inside leg seams. Anything to leave chafe town behind! 

One thing we noticed with our old designs was that the moment they got wet, the bulk of the fabric became apparent. So we've opted for a simpler pleat design, still offering movement and flow without the weight of extra fabric.

"I appreciate that there's less bulk." - Carolyn O.

We've also added a touch more length, making it much more comfortable for our taller gals or those who prefer a little extra coverage.

"It's fantastic feeling feminine and ready for sports at the same time." - Gill L.

Check out our full Sport Skirt range here

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