Flying with Acro Yoga

Facing the fear and learning to fly

I love the idea of creating beautiful shapes with the body, and challenging the body into different poses through yoga practice. What is attractive and different about Acro Yoga is the sense of community and connectivity to others, it relies on others to make these beautiful and challenging shapes happen.

Acro Yoga combines the ancient tradition of yoga with acrobatics, just the word acrobatics may make it seem a bit out of reach to the average person but what I have found is it is more about having fun and also having trust in your partner. The idea of sharing this practice with another person is a nice change to traditional solitary yoga practice on a mat. And it's not as complex as you think. Just trust in the moment and move together. You should also be prepared to fall a little and laugh about it.

"If we could make human touch a normal thing. Many troubles would cease to exist. AcroYoga serves as a opportunity to make fun activities as a gateway into our issues around human touch and redefine the way we feel about it." - Anonymous

There is a global following for AcroYoga and I encourage you to get down to your local group where possible to give it a go.

With Love,

To try AcroYoga in the Bay of Plenty - come down to our collaboration event with AcroYoga Tauranga Sunday 19th of June

Photo Credit: Perspectives Photography (Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo 2016)

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