Dreaming of the runners high

Ugly Footed Cinderella

If you run, you are automatically a runner. It's that easy. Sometimes I run for fitness, and sometime I run across the road to avoid being seen by a person I don't like and haven't seen for 10 years.

Either way I'm still searching for that elusive moment which us joggers call "the runners high" it's that one moment where you're out there and everything just works. Your legs feel good, you can breathe (heavily) but strong and you feel like you could run for days if only you weren't dreaming of the pizza back at home. And so far for this half marathon training, that moment has eluded me. So where the bloody hell is it?

With the Kerikeri Half Marathon fast approaching this weekend, I'm inclined to stick my head in the sand. This runners high is just too elusive. Perhaps that's my problem at the moment, too many other amazing things to do other than run. Perhaps the high only appears once in every hundred runs, and therefore I'm nowhere near that and the high remains out of my reach. I can only hope that it turns up on the day in which it'll be welcomed with a sweaty hug and accompanied by a good run time.

So really that leaves me with two options, run more and find the high, or eat pizza.

I think you all know which one is going to win here...

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