Double Rainbow - What can it mean?

By now you've probably seen or at least heard of the guy who starts frothing with excitement over a double rainbow.

But what does it really mean?

Well, if you're a runner it means climbing up a mountain on the 11th of June. If you're like me, it means that you've done almost zero training to date and are starting to (mildly) panic. I've already had to mentally downgrade my entry from 25km to 17km just so I'll actually enjoy my time out there. And that's important - it will be my last off-road run in the country for a while so I'd better damn well enjoy it.

I'm really excited that we're gathering a troupe of fun people to join us. Basically I imagine it to be rubbish chat, some quality laughs and a little bit of competition. I know that on the day I'll want to smash it but honestly my training motivation is pretty low. Winter came this week and I just want to drink tea and huddle under a blanket. Not go outside.

So to tell myself I'm doing something, I've cranked out a 5kg weight and am going up and down the basement lunging to try and build up leg strength all the while convincing myself it's 'training'. And yeah it might be but it definitely won't be enough! You can enter it as a walk but I know I won't be able to stop myself from wanting to run the downhill.

It's starting to feel a bit like here goes nothing!

But the good news is that our winter collection has arrived so I'll be rocking my rainbow leggings up Rainbow Mountain. (sorry they're not online yet).

We have 20% off codes to give out - so please message me to get your hands on the discount and get involved. This event is awesome for people ready to get into off-road running, it's a really relaxed and fun environment. We'll be having a stand there and taking our togs so we can have a swim in Kerosene Creek (a natural hot water spring) after the event!

For full information on the event check out the Lactic Turkey website here

See you out there
Ugly Footed Cinderella

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