Colour Connection: The brightest small town in New Zealand

Strong Women Represent!

Back row: Andrea Muggeridge, Megan Wynyard, Jessica Macdonald, Sarah Martelli (Ambassador), Emma Ferrier, Shannon Cathcart, Karla Shaw

Front Row: Keren Leslie, Lauren Bell, Kelly Cowan, Kylie Goddard, Chloe Wickman (Zeenya)

Situated between Rotorua and Taupo lies the tight knit farming community of Reporoa.  Surrounded by mud pools and geysers, rolling farmland and lots of cows, its also the turnaround point for the Taupo Ironman, and a place where everybody knows your name.

As an online company we take note where around the world we send a lot of orders. Around 6 months ago we noticed the number of leggings being sent to Reporoa go through the roof. This is in many ways due to having one of our beautiful Ambassadors, Sarah Martelli living in Reporoa. Her company Strong Woman has allowed her to create both an online and in-person community with a focus on helping women and in particular those living rurally connect over creating and living healthy lifestyles. 

After sending so many pairs down to Reporoa we decided it was high time we visited to thank the ladies for all their support and love of our brand, as well as to experience a fitness class with Sarah. Let's just say we were pumped with our evening in this small town. 

The biggest thing that stood out for us was the connection to each other. There is so much support within this group, everyone cheers each other on and they happily laugh together as well as give the workout everything they've got. 

When your friends are the ladder

We really wanted to find out what wearing colour meant to this group of women.

"Wearing colour gives me inspiration for my workouts and getting a new pair of Zeenya's excites me to get out there and exercise" Megan Wynyard

"Wearing colour means feeling bright and colourful yourself, makes you want to go and exercise feeling like you look good" Karla Shaw

Motivation, happiness and feeling good. What more could you want from a pair of leggings? 
Let me tell you about the class, it was tough. Sarah does not go easy on her ladies, but she does encourage them to work at a level that suits them so you can go as hard or as easy as you need. But the next day the muscles felt every kettle bell swing, bag throw and plank we did. So much burn. But so worth it! 

We loved meeting all the ladies in the group (even those that haven't got into colour yet - work in progress). Thank you so much for your encouragement, laughter and support of Zeenya. 

Below is a short video of Sarah Martelli, telling us why she loves wearing colour, you can find out more about her amazing group of women on Facebook and check out her online community on her website here

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