Challenges and Gratitude with Stacey Huston

5 quick questions with our rad Ambassador

We are extremely proud to have the support of a great group of women from all over New Zealand helping us spread the word about Zeenya. Recently we caught up with Stacey to hear how things are kicking off in her 2018. So here's 5 quick fire questions with Stacey. Hope you enjoy it! 


Give us a bit of a Stacey update - what’s been happening for you recently? Where are you as you write this? Who are you with?

I’m writing this on the deck of our new bach in Pauanui- after many summers and weekends spent in a trailer in the holiday park here, we decided to make our dream more permanent and bought a section here last summer, then built a transportable home for the site which arrived in August. 

We are spending every possible moment here, exploring the area and sharing it with friends and family too. We are super proud of what we have achieved and are so happy to have our little haven to escape to, away from Auckland life and especially stoked to have a little slice paradise where our kids have somewhere to grow up and enjoy together. 

Kaia is running rampant around me- she learned to walk at Christmas after being unable to crawl, a couple of weeks after turning one, and today she learned to get up from the ground by herself. She is bringing me every possible thing she can carry one by one so I’m currently surrounded by tv remotes, books, toys, clothing and a random lime cordial bottle she was able to pull from the bottom of the pantry.

What new ideas are you pondering on?

Right now I’m pondering what life will be like in 12 weeks (or a lot less based on the first time!) when my second baby arrives… a little boy. These precious moments where I get to sit (semi) quietly for just a few minutes to respond to emails and look out to the water, will soon be hard to come by! I keep telling myself to do this more, but that’s easier said than done- so I’ll take these moments I do get and embrace them, Stacey time is vital and I need to make time for me ASAP. 

What does 2018 hold for you?

2018 holds SO much for me in the pipeline already, that I’m more than excited about the year ahead! I’ve got the rest of summer to enjoy some epic times here in Pauanui, in a few weeks Troy and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and what better way to do that then go to a Leftfield dance party at 31 weeks pregnant! 

February sees us take our SUP race series to Taupo for the first time and then wrap up our 6th year running. In March Troy turns 40 so I’m in planning mode to organise a sweet surprise weekend away with a group of his besties, and hopefully baby doesn’t arrive early as it’s a rather remote location! 

Early April our baby boy arrives and life gets even more crazy busy! I’ve got my head almost around this now and am actually pretty excited about meeting the little dude. 

I’ve then set myself a few physical goals- as I’m craving that event feeling again. I miss the buzz of an event- training for it, getting fitter and the whole hype around the big day, not to mention successfully crossing the finish line. With a trip to Hawaii planned a few months post baby, I’m yet to decide on a SUP or a run event there, and ultimately I’d love to tick off the Tarawera 50km Ultra in November back in NZ… so no doubt there will be a few smaller events to complete along the way! 2018- let’s do this!

How are you overcoming your biggest challenge at the moment?

My biggest challenge at the moment is being so stationary- this pregnancy hasn’t been as kind to me as the last. I’ve got extremely bad vein problems in my leg and groin, plus my iron levels have hit rock bottom so energy is at an all time low. Walking is the most I’m able to manage and even that’s capped at 40mins slowly. Sure I chase after a toddler all day but that also means I can’t rest or put my leg up when I need to so my body is constantly on the painful side. 

Towards the end of 2017 I was feeling a little down with some feelings that I’d lost myself a little bit. My identity felt missing and it was like I was just ‘mummy’ and no more. Conversations always revolved around babies and my priorities and planning always centered around Kaia. Being pregnant with such a young baby already to look after has made for some challenges mentally and physically. My body is so drained and some days can be a real battle. 

But it’s the small wins and moments with Kaia that melt my heart which invigorate me and help me overcome it all. Plus now that it’s a new year there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel and I’m super pumped to tick off some Stacey goals this year!

What are you most grateful for in this moment?

I’m grateful for these moments of (semi) quietness. I’m grateful for having an understanding husband who appreciates me in all my pregnant glory. I’m grateful to have a happy, healthy, low maintenance baby who continues to surprise me every day with her learning. 

I’m grateful for the opportunities that 2018 offer and I can’t wait to smash out some goals as a new mum of two, share my journey along the way and inspire or motivate others out there!

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