But colour isn't for me...

"I love your leggings but I just couldn't wear colour" - it's probably the most common reason we hear from people who aren't wearing Zeenya yet. And we mean yet. We've converted plenty of women on our journey so far. But there are some of us out there just haven't quite made the leap into colour yet. 

We're here to say its ok, we understand. At some point in our lives someone told us that black was slimming. That it's better to hide our imperfections behind black than to put on colour and stand out. Was this by some thin 1950's French woman who's never done anything but drink coffee and smoke cigarettes? Who is she to tell us that black is the only option! 

A while back we asked the members of our ZAA Group (Zeenya's Activewear Anonymous, AKA our lovely group of activewear addicts) to share what they say when others tell them they personally can't wear colour - 

"That's a shame, colours make me happy - you should try it" 

"The patterns hide the wobbly bits" 

"The world needs more colour - when you look down at your legs you can't help but feel happy"

And our other favourite - "Just wear black undies" 

How many times does someone give you a compliment on your black leggings? Seriously. It's never happened to me! I'm sure we've all been victims of a bad black legging. You know the one's we mean, the ones that turn see-through in the light letting your chosen underwear shine in all its glory, the ones that give you terrible VPL or the ones that accentuate your jiggly bits. 

Now we aren't saying that there's anything wrong with showing your jiggly bits, ever. They're yours after all. And we all have them. We're just saying it's nice to have the option to smooth them out with a good print. 

People often ask us if prints will make their legs look bigger. In our opinion the right print is slimming, happy and can often make you look taller. But define what you mean by 'bigger'? Are you talking about seeing yourself with long giraffe legs then instantly going to chunky elephant legs? Because we all know that for sure ain't true, We want to banish the perception that black is the only colour that's 'slimming'. 

Go away black leggings, your only place is an accent not a statement. 


Photocredit: @louloubphoto on Instagram 

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