Behind the Colour: How to name prints like a boss

What's so special about a name anyway?

Have you ever wondered where we come up with our print names from? Possibly for those who are new to Zeenya, they might not make a lot of sense. But we definitely have a lot of fun naming them. 

You'll be aware that all our prints are limited edition right? So once they're gone, they're, well... gone. The names give us great memories to recall them by. 

In each collection we will have between 5 and 9 new prints and with some fabric coming straight to New Zealand from Brazil, it means we have different prints between the NZ Made range and the Sport Range. 

We get together and come up with a name for our overall collection coming up. Previous collections have been named Zen, Elements, Escape and Adventure. With the help of our ladies who made it down to our Tauranga VIP night, we are currently in the process of naming our next collection. 

So what about the prints themselves? Giving a nod to our Brazilian connection, we name our prints both in Portuguese and English. Often we like to make it a bit of fun for our fans and get them involved in naming a print or two that goes into the next round. It doesn't matter what language the print name suggestion is, we always translate into both Portuguese and English. 

We did a calculation recently and we have now had over 70 different prints since we started Zeenya. That's pretty mind blowing to us! 

Let's talk examples - in our current range we wanted to capture emotions and actions around the theme of Adventure. And adventures can be just about anything. One of our personal favourite prints, Mistico or Mystic, was a nod to a psychedelic adventure out into the cosmos. When you see the print you'll understand where we were going with that one. 

In our New Zealand Made collection we had the print Intrepido or Intrepid which was named by one of our super fans Kate on a Facebook competition. 

Naming the prints can be a lot of fun for us, and generally its done under relaxed circumstances with Google translate at the ready and a glass of red wine to help fuel creativity. 

There are so many serious things in life that naming prints for our beautiful activewear just shouldn't be one! 

Make sure you keep an eye out in April for our next collection launch. Pretty soon we'll be taking to our socials for print sharing and print naming competitions and we'd love to get you involved.  

To check out all available prints drop over and visit our Unique Prints page for all the latest. 

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