Artist Collection Finalist: Paitangi Ostick

Paitangi Ostick - Ngāti Wai, Ngāti Ngapuhi

Paitangi is a multi medium artist living in Paihia in the stunning Bay of Islands. Her journey to connect with her māoritanga began as a teenager as she became more curious about her Maori heritage. Always creative from an early age, she has been self taught initially. As a young single mother her artwork evolved from being a hobby to much needed income for her whanau. 

As she has evolved, so have the ways she creates. Her skills now include painting, weaving korowai, carving bone, stone, eggs and wood. For the past 13 years Paitangi has been honing her craft in Tā moko (tattoo) artistry. This makes her one of very few women in New Zealand specialising in Tā moko. Through tattooing she has been able to travel extensively throughout the world and has become a much sought after Tā moko artist. 

Her inspiration comes from many places, her life journey and all parts of that, her heritage and her whānau. Her artwork comes to life through the sharing of stories. Of listening to others and sharing her own. There’s always experimentation and exploration and seeking that deeper understanding of others and herself through the art she creates. Her creativity has flourished through spending time on marae, immersing herself in tikanga and through learning Te Reo. 

During New Zealand’s first lockdown, Paitangi began to develop her skills in digital artwork publishing her first book ‘Tihei Mauri Ora’. It's an art album for colouring inspired by Maori myth and cosmology and limited edition prints created by her. The artwork she created for us is named Te Ara - Rise Up (Discovery). With the powerful niho design it’s designed to inspire the wearer to hold onto what you want to achieve. 

We are extremely grateful to Paitangi for her commitment to this project and the discussions we had behind the scenes. You can connect with her directly through her website and Facebook. 

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