Artist Collection Finalist: Lyndy Wilson

Lyndy Wilson - Ngāti Wairere

Always starting from a wash of colour, Lyndy’s work is inspired by her natural environment. Living in Ngāruawāhia she is surrounded by it. From the flowing Waikato and Waipa rivers to the ever changing Hakariamata ranges, Lyndy’s bright work is an extension of her way of living. She creates layer upon layer, getting lost in the joy of the moment being guided by her instinct. 

She grew up surrounded by her talented whānau. Both her Great Grandfather and Uncles were whakairo artists (carvers) and her aunts were weavers. Her Mum was also a talented artist but chose not to pursue a career like Lyndy. Her love for painting began after the family purchased their first home and the walls needed brightening up. It didn’t take long before family and friends were asking her for pieces and she took the plunge to approach her first gallery. 

Lyndy has been creating as an Artist for 15 years now and has her work in places like the Heritage Gallery in Cambridge, The Wharf and Kanuka Galleries in Raglan and Soul Gallery in Hamilton. She is incredible grateful for the gallery owners that showcase her work and the art lovers who take home a piece of her work. In 2003 she was awarded an Arts Waikato Scholarship which enabled her to complete a Diploma in Art and Creativity through the learning Connexxion in Wellington. 

Lyndy is supported by her wonderful husband Bruce and her whanau who are so understanding when it comes to her heading into the studio to create. Recently, her Mum passed away and it has really hit home for Lyndy how much her ability to paint supports her in her life. As she says, it’s as important to her as breathing. 

You can connect online with Lyndy and her beautiful works on her website and Instagram.

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