Artist Collection Finalist: Lissy Cole

Lissy Cole - Ngāti Hineamaru, Ngāti Kahu

Lissy is an Auckland based artist who has always created from her wildest imagination. Heavily influenced by her father, renowned fashion designer Colin Cole, she’s spent her life around textiles and fashion. Her current passion is crochet and you’ll find her works typically done in bright neon colours bringing joy and happiness to the spaces they fill. Her inspiration comes from within and her connection to her tūpuna. She feels as though she is the vessel for her creativity which flows through her like a river, letting the current take her where she needs to go. 

Creativity for Lissy means living in her total authenticity. She has wonderful memories of her father creating and recreating their family whare. He was driven by his passion to bring his ideas to life. And for Lissy, it’s the same. They share the traits of being gutsy and fearless, unafraid to make mistakes. She feels her father alongside her when she creates, knowing he is smiling as she is. Her art initially takes light in her head, and flows onto paper, fabric or with a crochet hook. If it makes her heart sing, then that’s all that matters. 

Lissy believes we are all expressions of aroha, and we can each uniquely express this in our life journeys. Her gratitude for knowing her purpose and being able to share that with others brings her deep joy and love, which she gladly encourages others to experience through her work. 

She spends her time co-creating projects with her husband Rudi. Both of them have a rich and deep knowledge that the light of their tūpuna shines through them both, only to be reflected back by their whanau and communities. It’s all connected by love, joy and expression.  

“Te aho mutunga kore - the eternal thread. This thread of aroha is what binds and connects us all” 

You can connect with Lissy and Rudi online via their website, Facebook and Instagram. We highly recommend checking out their amazing crochet works. They are guaranteed to make you smile. 

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