Artist Collection 2021 - Calling Māori Artists & Designers!

We;re doing something a little different

Submissions are opening on the 19th of May for a commissioned print to go into our first ever Artist Collection! 

We're stoked to be doing something to help amplify the stories and artwork of indigenous New Zealanders through our amazing network of cool humans. 

There are two artists already selected to be part of this, Otis Frizzell and Diya Dasgupta. And the third will be a commission by submission piece from a Māori artist or designer. 

Once submissions close, we'll be selecting a group of finalists including one winner. All finalists will have their stories and artwork displayed throughout Zeenya's online platforms. 

For full information - check it out here

Please, if you're reading this, we'd love for you to share this project on your social media by sharing our posts where possible. You never know who you know who might love to be part of this. 

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