Amplify NZ Made Styles

It's not long to go now before we get 5 new prints in our New Zealand Made styles. 

So before they go live, we'll give you a little run down. 

Our NZ Made prints come in 5 different styles. You've got Full Length, Capri (mid calf), Shorts (mid thigh) and two styles of crops (Weave and Racer). 

It's important to note that two of the prints - Harmonia and Resplendor are recommended that you go up a size from your usual to help with the fabric stretch. We highly recommend nude, or block coloured underwear for these prints just to give them the best look. 

We saw lots of pairs of shorts head out the door for presales - which surprised us in the middle of winter! We've cut a few extra's though so that you can still get your legs into them if this is your length of choice. 

Our NZ range features super soft waistbands, designed to mould around your body during exercise. They don't feature pockets, but they're still perfect for exercising including running. 

Below is a sneak peek at the prints before they go on sale Tuesday 22nd of June at 7pm - if you want first dibs on these, be sure to jump online then and secure your pair. 

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