5 minutes with our Zeenya Ambassadors

Each of these 9 women inspire us everyday. Together, they’re involved in so many different sports and recreation activities - from yoga, running, triathlon and multisport to paddling, surfing and more. They help us by spreading the good word about Zeenya, they role-model positive self image and they move their bods with joy while embracing life through colour.

We got chatting with Stacey, Erin, Kate, Rebecca, Eve, Sarah, Heather, Hania and Aria - and it turns out, between them, there’s a heap of gratitude despite the ups, downs and flip you sideways moments of 2021. 

Here’s what our technicolour Ambassadors say about their fav Zeenya prints this year, what they’re grateful for and a glimpse into their plans for summer and 2022.

Stacey Huston with son Bodie

Stacey Huston 

My #1 print of 2021 is Exuberante.

While 2021 had its fair share of challenges, I’m grateful for the time (albeit forced in lockdown) spent with my kids. I’ve learnt so much more about them and have seen them grow even closer together.

This summer will be super busy as I attempt to balance the work required for opening my own business, whilst training for the upcoming Tarawera 100 Miler. All while spending quality time with my family… 2022 is set to be a HUGE year!

Erin Furness bringing all the colour

Erin Furness 

Oh gosh, it's so hard to pick my favourite Zeenya print! But, I think Descolada must nudge ahead of the others as they were my fav go-to’s for most of my pregnancy.

What I’m most grateful for in 2021 is Riley (Erin’s beautiful daughter)! She has brought so much love, happiness and richness into my life. She is beyond amazing!

In 2022, I’m most looking forward to watching Riley discover the world - with plenty of mummy/daughter adventures to teach her to love exploring, to embrace the outdoors, and love wearing colour.

Kate Southern in her happy place on the trails

Kate Southern  

Carisma is my favourite print of 2021.

For me, 2021 has been a year of personal growth. I’ve been grateful for the support and encouragement of loved ones while taking some action with my mental health. It’s made a big difference in my confidence, attitude and relationships. I’m really glad I was brave enough to do that this year.

Over summer I’m looking forward to exploring and adventuring with my friends and family - I can’t get enough of being outdoors in nature!

Rebecca Clarke out making the most of the South Island trails

Rebecca Clarke

It was snapped up real quick, but Endorfina is my fav print of 2021.

Something I’m really grateful for this year was the opportunity to move to the beautiful paradise of Wanaka. It was a little nerve-racking to adjust to a new place, but I’m very grateful I was able to, especially with less restrictions in this part of the country so I could explore and train across Wanaka.

For summer holidays it will be the usual mix of beach, swimming, BBQs and training. I’m really looking forward to more racing and travelling in 2022.

Eve Southan and her dolphin saving efforts in Wellington

Eve Southan

Carisma is my fav print of 2021. These tights are forever my dolphin tights after finding a stranded dusky dolphin on my morning run and refloating it. I can’t put these Zeenya on now without remembering my little friend. I kinda love how the tights hold memories, it makes them extra special.

I’m grateful for my awesome community in 2021 (Eve is a Movement Coach for her business, Life in Motion.) They have stuck by us through some tough patches and been supportive and kind when plans have needed to change. It really is a privilege to have so many epic humans in our lives.

I’m looking forward to some local adventures on the trails with my hubby, our dog Jem and our Run Club crew over the holidays. We’re sticking close to home this year, so I’ll be making the most of the wicked trails Welly has to offer. As for 2022, I have high expectations of a better sense of calm and security and the return of more running events! I miss the atmosphere and challenge and can’t wait to tick-off some overdue races.

Sarah Martelli from her home studio in Reporoa

Sarah Martelli

My fav print of 2021 is Flutuadora.

Living with arthritis, the thing I’m most grateful for this year is my health. Every day that I can get out of bed and exercise, I see as a gift.

This summer I’m looking forward to spending time with my family camping at Ohope beach. Then roll on 2022, a brand new year with more exciting things in the pipeline for Strong Woman (Sarah’s own fitness business.)

Heather McDonald doing the Rotorua 24 hour relay earlier in the year

Heather McDonald

Estima is my favourite print of 2021.

I’m most grateful for the chance to do something I love - trail running - with awesome humans. It fills my cup! And after the challenges of this year I don’t want to take it for granted.

This summer I’ll be getting stuck into training for the Tarawera Ultra. I’m doing the 102km for the second time (yes, back for more!) I’m looking forward to more runventures in 2022, the more adventurous the better. I’d like to do at least one event that pushes my boundaries. But the primary goal, as always, is to have bucket-loads of fun on the trails.

Hania Aitken bringing the colour to the Central Plateau

Hania Aitken

Alta is my #1 of 2021 - embracing colours I don’t usually go for (pink) but loving the experience of fresh colour vibes.

I’m so grateful for the amazing country of Aotearoa and that even throughout lockdown, there’s so much phenomenal stuff close by. We’re so blessed to call this land home.

Our summer will be spent close to home maximising beautiful rivers, mountains and eating kai from our garden. So, so good. Family time in these amazing spaces is just so special and worth celebrating. Being grateful for all the good in our lives will be our focus for kicking-off 2022. Colour makes all of this even better. So blessed.

Aria Clapperton loving the long training runs

Aria Clapperton

Emergente is my #1 of 2021.

I’m grateful for the world that opened up for me during a time when lockdowns can make your own world seem so small and isolated. I’m grateful for the new online friendships that have been forged with wahine across the country who are all on their own health and wellness journeys. I’m appreciative of the fact that through fitness, I’ve been able to maintain a connection with my friends and whanau - we haven’t seen each other in over 100 days in some cases, yet our shared kaupapa keeps our bond strong.

Summer holidays will of course involve lots of training and running, but also all the indulgent treats that come with the festive season! In 2022, I’m looking forward to ticking off two events - TUM102 and Oxfam 50km. Smashing these out early in the year leaves plenty of time to set new goals and challenges for the remainder of 2022. I’m particularly looking forward to meeting some of the Zeenya crew in real life and hopefully the opportunity to tackle some beautiful trails with my new friends.

These colour-lovin’ women, right!?! Incredible. We’re super stoked they’re living life on the bright-side alongside us.

Wanna share your fav print of 2021, what you’re grateful for and your summer adventures / plans / goals for 2022? Connect with us on ZAA, Instagram and Facebook, tag us in your posts > @zeenyaclothing and we’ll share your photos with our online community.

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